Garlic for the vagina

Did you know that about seventy five percent of women suffer occasional yeast infections and five percent experience the yeast infection at least four times in a year? Teenage girls in boarding schools are at a higher risk of vaginal infections because of the constant sharing of sanitary facilities. From my research I learnt that [...]

Affordable healthy snacks on the go in Kenya

Sometimes in the middle of the day we tend to get hungry and all we need is a little pick me up, not a meal,  just something to get us to the next meal. here are a few healthy snack ideas for that moment, they are low in calories and favor our waist lines, they [...]

THE STEAM ROOM AND THE SAUNA.Do they really elevate weight loss?

I recently overheard an elderly woman decline to use a steam room in a gym because she feared it would make her 'thin'. I was quite amused at her remark, "hiyo itanimaliza". First of all, we were in a gym and majority of my fellow gym members aim to lose weight. So, if the steam [...]

4 kgs lost in two weeks; 30 day low carb challenge.

WEEK 2   My second week on the low carb challenge has been quite interesting. I have made a couple of adjustments and I am having an amazing time. I think I just might just start being one of those holier than thou people who preach clean eating, while constantly judging everyone they see taking [...]